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Welcome to Brandon Murray Electrical Services, your trusted partner for all your electrical and handyman needs in the vibrant Charlotte community. At Brandon Murray Electrical Services, we take pride in our expertise and versatility. Our primary focus lies in device installations within the realm of residential construction. We understand that your home is your sanctuary, and we’re here to make it a safer, more functional, and comfortable place to live. 

From doorbell cameras to ceiling and bath fans, we handle a wide range of electrical installations and repairs. Whether it’s electrical outlets, switches, lighting, or essential household appliances, we’ve got you covered. We can even assist with TV mounts and entertainment systems, ensuring you have the perfect setup for your entertainment needs. Additionally, we offer services related to water heaters, AC units, furnaces, troubleshooting, and breaker replacements to keep your home’s electrical systems running smoothly.


Committed To Superior Electrical Services

We have been in residential construction for 20 (twenty) years plus and mainly focus on electrical work.

We pride in our work and we are grateful for the opportunity to do business in electrical and handyman work.

Trust our skilled team for honesty, quality workmanship, teamwork, safety and dependability.


Certainly, here are some FAQs that emphasize that our company offers  electrical services for residential construction

We specialize exclusively in electrical services for residential construction.

No, we solely focus on electrical services for residential construction and do not offer commercial or industrial electrical services.

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Yes, we offer electrical services for new residential construction and home renovation projects to ensure your electrical systems are safe and up to code.

We focus on installing and repairing various devices, such as doorbell cameras, ceiling fans, lighting, and essential appliances, to make your home more comfortable and functional.

You can request our services by contacting us through our website or by giving us a call. We're happy to provide you with a quote based on your specific needs.

Yes, we offer emergency electrical services for residential properties in Charlotte to address urgent electrical issues.

Our team consists of experienced professionals with the skills and knowledge to meet the specific requirements of residential electrical projects.

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